Thursday, March 31, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Nebak-nebak HP&HBP yuk…
Ini aku dapet dari forum Sugarquill Kali aja bermanfaat…

Cover HP&HBP dari Bloomsbury versi adult cukup memancing, dan sudah banyak yang didapat dari sana (atau yang justru menyesatkan? Hehe..)

Pertama, ada sebuah buku kuno. Atau buku lusuh (Kalau buku lusuh pasti yang punyanya nggak jauh-jauh: Weasleys… hehe).

Buku kuno ini bertitel: ADVANCE POTION BORAGE. ‘Advance Potion’ mungkin judulnya, sementara ‘Borage’ adalah nama akhir pengarangnya. Mungkin yang punyanya Snape. Hehe. Atau Dumbledore. Flamel? Mungkin, lho. Mungkin saja isinya memang tentang ramuan dari Borage.

Borage itu apa?

Dalam kepustakaan Muggle, Borage (Borago officinalis) itu adalah tumbuhan yang digunakan untuk campuran semacam mayones, untuk pewangi, atau dibuat teh untuk menenangkan hati.

Tetapi, dalam kepustakaan Muggle juga ditemukan bahwa Borage ini merupakan salah satu unsur dalam ramuan Nepenthe dan berfungsi untuk:

Whoever drank this mixture in the wine bowl
would be incapable of tears that day –
though he should lose mother and father both
or see, with his own eyes, a son or brother
mauled by weapons of bronze at his own gate
( The Odyssey – Homer, Book IV line 221-226)

Lihat juga di sini:

Borage is a nutritious, tasty, and attractive herb. Leaves have a cucumbery flavor and can be used to accent salads or mixed with other greens and steamed. Stems can be peeled and chopped to use like celery. The edible flowers can be used as a garnish or in salads, and when candied they make a beautiful decoration for cakes and pastries. I grow borage as a companion to my tomatoes. They improve the health of my tomato plants, and I could swear the tomatoes taste better when borage grows nearby!

Dan di sini:

Growth form:herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb, used for coughs
Outside Info: Grows to 60cm, with blue star-like flowers. The flowers can be used to decorate salads and cakes. The leavs flavor drinks and dips. A leaf and flower infusion is an adrenalin tonic for stress, depression, or cortisone and steroid treatment. It reduces fevers, dry coughs, dry skin rashes, and stimulates milk folow. Pressed seed oil can be used for menstural and irratible bowel problems, eczema, blood pressure, arthritis, and hangover. The flowers produce a nice pure blue for paints. Mix leaf with barley and bran in a small muslin bag and use in a bath to cleanse and soften skin.

Juga ada magical usage:

Magickal: Borage is legendary for its spirit-lifting and courage-inducing properties. Celtic warriors drank wine flavoured with borage to give them courage in battle, and it has always been considered it a very effective anti-depressant for the feeling of elation it induces. For courage, tuck a Borage blossom in your pocket before any stressful situation, or drink a tea or glass of wine flavoured with Borage leaves. Drinking Borage tea is also said to increase psychic powers.

Medicinal: Borage has been used since early times in teas to relieve depression and reduce fevers. The flowers or leaves are helpful for relieving the symptoms of bronchitis, and also act as an anti-diarrhoeal remedy. Externally, Borage leaves can also be ground into a paste and make a cooling and soothing remedy for sprains, swelling, and skin inflammations and irritations.

And this according to Pliny:

Pliny credits borage flavored wine as being the Nepenthe of Homer, the consumption of which made one forgive their enemies. It would seem that borage was believed to ease the disheartened as well, since in his De Materia Medica, the Greek physician Dioscorides wrote that taking borage would “cheer the heart and lift the depressed spirits.”

'Pliny calls it Euphrosinum, because it maketh a man merry and joyfull: which thing also the old verse concerning Borage doth testifie:
Ego Borago - (I, Borage)
Gaudia semper ago. - (Bring alwaies courage.)

Apakah Harry akan diminta meminum ramuan Nepenthe untuk melupakan kepedihan hatinya?
Atau Snape yang biasa meminum ramuan itu? Sehingga dia terkesan dingin, biasanya tidak memamerkan “wear your heart on your sleeve" dan "wallow in sad emotions”, karena ramuan ini?

Lebih jauh lagi, apakah Half-blood Prince itu Snape? Karena itu JRK sepertinya ragu-ragu mengatakan ‘Snape itu pureblood’ dalam salah satu wawancaranya.

Yah, marilah kita ramai-ramai menebak, sebelum semuanya terjawab 16 Juli nanti …


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