Sunday, July 17, 2005

HP 6

See images here!

QB Pondok Indah was launch a meet and greet with Harry Potter fans, cooperated with Indo-Harry Potter mailing list, High/Scope Kindergarten School, and Discovery Learning with their interesting Potion Projects.

Indo-Harry Potter arranged events such as Sorting Hat, O.W.L, 'Catch The Snitch' game, and show our mailing list 'magical' merchandise (Howling Letters, Wand, TShirt, Shawl, Mini Broomsticks, etc).

We had a wonderful time welcoming Harry Potter latest book, Half-Blood Prince, and I do hope you all enjoy the book as well!!

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Ireth Halliwell said...

Selamat dan Sukses untuk IHP!! Whee... ini langkah berikunya untuk menuju Fans Club HPI ^_^

Wah.. mau pesen merchandisenya T____T

Aranolein said...

benar mau pesan? mo apa aja? tinggal bilan aja ke yang bersangkutan...hihihi!

Anonymous said...

Guys, baca deh artikel ini:

It's a mediocre - sad news anyway.